New Equipment

New Equipment Sales

On this page you can find a range of new equipment that we have for sale. If you would like to enquire about any items, please contact us.

Liftmaster LMB3200 3200kg 2 post Mechanical Base Lift
LMB3200C £2999 + VAT
LMB3200S £3199 + VAT

Italian 2 post electro mechanical base lift, 3200kg capacity, over 2mtr lift height. Available as chain drive LMB3200C or solid shaft drive LMB3200S.

  • 2 year warranty
  • Delivered and installed*

ATT (Nussbaum) 2 Post Hydraulic Baseless Lift
LMH3000           £3299 + VAT
LMH3000TRA    £3599 + VAT
LMH3500           £3999 + VAT
LMH4000           £4499 + VAT

German manufactured 2 post hydraulic baseless lift, world’s fastest lift up in 20 seconds / down in 14 seconds. Available as 3000kg capacity (LMH3000), 3000kg with triple reach arms (LMH3000TRA), 3500kg (LMH3500) and 4000kg (LMH4000)

  • 2 year warranty
  • Delivered and installed*

ATT (Nussbaum) 2 Post Mechanical Baseless Lift
LMS3000         £2999 + VAT
LMS3000TRA  £3099 + VAT
LMS3500         £3299 + VAT
LMS4000         £4599 + VAT

German manufactured 2 Post Mechanical (screw) baseless lift, VW, BMW and Mercedes approved. Available as 3000kg capacity (LMS3000), 3000kg with triple reach arms (LMS3000TRA), 3500kg (LMS3500) and 4000kg (LMS4000).

  • 5 year nut and spindle warranty
  • Delivered and installed*

4 Wheel Laser Alignment £1099 + VAT

Complete with rechargeable laser heads to fit 12” to 22” wheels, rear flags, steering wheel lock, dish turning plates, charger and wall mount (vertical or horizontal available). 

  • British built
  • Includes 2 year warranty and delivery

Headlight Beam Tester
LMHBA1  £ 799 + VAT
LMHBA2 £ 949 + VAT
SOL R 10 £1349 + VAT

Beam tester – DVSA approved, complete with rails. Various models available.

Mirror visor (LMHBA1), Laser aligner (LMHBA2) and Solid rail version (SOL R 10) for drive through MOT bays.

  • Delivered and installed*

Bendpak XPR-9 £2999 + VAT

Hydraulic 2 post lift, 4082kgs capacity, triple arm extensions, virtually baseless. Available in 1ph or 3ph electrics. 

  • Delivered and installed*
  • 2 years warranty

ATT (Nussbaum) Roller Brake Tester
(Class IV) LGBT4  £6599 + VAT
(Class VII) LGBT7 £8999 + VAT

German manufactured analogue Brake Rollers. Class IV and Class VII DVSA approved. Complete with IR remote control and wall or pedestal mounted analogue gauges. Class I, II, V, ATL & ATF Brake Rollers available.

  • Delivered and installed*

Majorlift Jacking Beam
HPJ2.0 – manual pump 2000kgs   £ 849 + vat
HPJ2.8 – manual pump 2800kgs   £1199 + vat
MPJ2.0 – air operated 2000kgs    £1099 + vat
MPJ2.8 – air operated 2800kgs    £1349 + vat

Hydraulic jacking beam, MOT approved, supplied with screw lift pads, aluminium support blocks and specific support arms to suit your lift/pit. Available in 2000kgs for class IV MOT use and 2800kgs for class VII use.

  • Includes delivery
  • Includes 5 year warranty

Werther Class 4 MOT Lift with Play Detectors
OPTL with hydraulic Play Detectors £9099 + VAT
2 man standard testing without Play Detectors £5749 + VAT

Italian 4 post MOT lift, 4000kgs, 4.56mtr platforms, complete with recessed turning plates and hydraulic play detector option. 

  • Delivered and installed*

*Installation to a prepared site, this excludes any building or electrical work that may be required.